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These Papers are the property of the Lodge and are frequently discussed at its meetings. They are intended for the use of the Members and Associate Members of the Lodge and are not made available outside the Lodge.

The Mystical Basis of Masonry   W.L. Wilmshurst
Parsifal: a Study of Wagner's Music Drama   W.L. Wilmshurst
The Fundamental Philosophic Secrets within Masonry   W.L. Wilmshurst
Hidden Significance of the Ritual   W.L. Wilmshurst
December Darkness   W.L. Wilmshurst
The Masonic Ritual as a Field for Study   W.L. Wilmshurst
A Note on The Cloud upon the Sanctuary   W.L. Wilmshurst
The Cloud upon the Sanctuary   Karl von Eckartshausen
An Antique Plaque & the Explanation of It   A.Cathcat Bruce
To a Great Mind - 'a Memento'   W.L. Wilmshurst
Walter Leslie Wilmshurst: an Appreciation   J.S.M. Ward
W.L. Wilmshurst (1867-1939)   A.Cathcart Bruce
The Search for Truth   An Associate Member
Spiritual Interpretation of Masonry   The Revd C. Cashmore
The Centre of the Building   T.H. Redfern
The Most Interesting of all Human Studies   T.H. Redfern
The Craft and the New Age   R.A.L. Harland
What Seek Ye in Masonry?   W.F. Hutton
The Meaning of Masonry   P.E. Hirst
Masonic Significance of the Bhagavad Gita   P.E. Hirst 
The Unrecognised Masonic Crisis   Foster Bailey
The Officers of the Lodge   H. Hindle
The Mission and Purpose of Freemasonry   J.H.E. Marshall
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