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These Papers are the property of the Lodge and are frequently discussed at its meetings. They are intended for the use of the Members and Associate Members of the Lodge and are not made available outside the Lodge.
A list of their titles gives an idea of the topics covered:

  1. Concerning the Ceremony of Consecration (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  2. "Living Stones" Oration at the Consecration of the Lodge (J.H. Cockerham) The Purpose and Aims of the Lodge (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  3. Counsels for Private Use (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  4. The Book of the Perfect Lodge: Being Interpretation of the Symbolism of the Lodge Officers (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  5. Opening and Closing (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  6. The First Degree Tracing Board (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  7. The Second Degree Tracing Board (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  8. The Masonic Quest of Truth (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  9. The Third Degree Tracing Board (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  10. The Prototype of the Ancient Mysteries and of the Modern Masonic Allegory (D. Davidson)
  11. Pillars, Steps and Signs (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  12. The Ceremony of Installation in its Historic and Esoteric Aspects (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  13. The Perfect Ashlar and the Living Stone (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  14. Symbols and Instruments (Rev Canon W. Thompson Elliot)
  15. Some Lines of Masonic Inquiry (a Review of the Work of the Lodge) (W.H. Maxwell Telling)
  16. The Ceremony of Initiation: Analysis and Commentary (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  17. Masonry and Modern Thought (Canon W. Thompson Elliott)
  18. On Saying Grace (Lord Ampthill)
  19. The Ceremony of Passing (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  20. The Peace Memorial Temple: its Symbolism & Significance in Craft History (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  21. Associate Members in Sydney, Australia.
  22. The Antiquity of Craft Symbolism (D. Davidson)
  23. The Work of the Lodge (H.D. Lincey)
  24. Ritual (T.H. Lister Salisbury)
  25. Black and White: A Mason's Conception of the Significance of Evil (A.S. Galt)
  26. Glimpses of Initiation Science (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  27. The Spiritual Significance of Some of our Symbols (F.V. Mataraly)
  28. Glimpses of Initiation Science (No. 2) (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  29. The Tools of the Three Degrees (F.V. Mataraly)
  30. The Tools of an Installed Master (W.L. Wilmshurst) The Masonic Claim to Free Will (A.S. Galt)
  31. Proceedings at the Dedication of Masonic Temple at Quebec House, Leeds WM's Reply by W.L. Wilmshurst
  32. Immortality in Masonic Doctrine (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  33. Money and Metals (W.L. Wilmshurst) The "Wind" in Freemasonry (W.L. Wilmshurst)
  34. Counsels in Time of World Crisis
  35. Tributes to the Life, Work and Influence of W.L.W. by his Brethren
  36. From Labour to Refreshment (A. Cathcart Bruce)
  37. "Know Thyself" (A. Cathcart Bruce)
  38. Masonic Origins: Masonry and the British Race (the late W.L. Wilmshurst) with Comments by A. Cathcart Bruce
  39. The Mount of Blessing: Being a Study in the Metaphysics of the Masonic Work (A. Cathcart Bruce)
  40. A Living Stone (J.R. Cleland)
  41. Question and Answer (A. Cathcart Bruce)
    Some Further Questions and Answers (A. Cathcart Bruce)
  42. The Third Masonic Initiation (Ceremony of Raising) (P.T. Runton)
  43. The Kabbalah (A.L. Coburn)
  44. The Masonic Prayers and Meditation (W.W. Reeve)
  45. Aspects of the Third Degree (J.H. Price)
  46. The Vital and Immortal Principle in Freemasonry (A.L. Adshead)
  47. A Temple not Made with Hands (A.L. Adshead)
  48. A Brief History of the Lodge of Living Stones (J.H. Price)
  49. The Symbolism of Darkness (W.F. Hutton)
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