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1. In Reality

In discussing the nature of a Freemasons' Lodge our Founder, W.L. Wilmshurst, wrote:
'The popular idea of a successful lodge is one involving numerical strength, constant ceremonial work, abundance of new candidates, and a strong social element. These things have their place and worth, but the original idea and purpose of a lodge was quite different from this. It was that of a small community devoting itself in privacy to corporate work of a philosophical nature for the intellectual development and spiritual perfecting of its members; social amenities being quite secondary incidents.'
It was this concept of a Lodge that he wished to re-create in the Lodge of Living Stones.

2. Symbolically

W.L. Wilmshurst believed that the Lodge referred to throughout Masonic ritual represents the individual - each of us. In this sense, the Lodge room and all its contents represent the individual "Self." Every object present, every word spoken, and every action performed, is designed to teach us about the nature of that self, how it works and perhaps even what it is for.

For instance the Lodge Officers can be seen as each representing a façet of our being:
WM   Spirit (pneuma)
SW   Soul (psyche)
JW   Mind / intellect (nous)
SD   Link between Spirit and Soul
JD   Link between Soul and Intellect
IG   Inner Sense Nature (astral)
Tyler   Outer Sense Nature (physical)
Once we have accepted this interpretation of the Masonic system we shall find that it reveals an entirely new aspect of the purpose of our Craft.
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