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Any Master Mason, belonging to a Constitution recognised as "Regular" by the United Grand Lodge of England, is welcome to visit the Lodge of Living Stones. Once a visit has been made, the Lodge is pleased to receive a Brother Mason at future meetings; all we ask is that he should contact the Secretary to let the Lodge know that he wishes to come.

Associate Membership may be granted to a Master Mason who has usually visited the Lodge on several occasions. It would normally be offered only to those who are members of Lodges which meet outside the Province of Yorkshire West Riding and, therefore, have difficulty in attending the meetings of the Lodge of Living Stones on a regular basis.

The Lodge is also keen to share its interpretation of Freemasonry with Brethren of a like mind from overseas, who belong to a Masonic jurisdiction recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.

The privileges of Associate Membership include receiving copies of those papers delivered in the Lodge over the years, which have been accepted as "Lodge Papers". These papers are bound in several volumes and include many papers by W.L. Wilmshurst that are not available elsewhere. The volumes are released to Associate Members at intervals during their first years of Associate Membership but remain the property of the Lodge. They are lent to an Associate Member on the understanding that they must be returned to the Lodge in the event of the resignation or death of that Associate Member.

N.B. To prevent misconception or disappointment, it must be clearly understood that the privilege of Associate Membership should not be regarded merely as a means of securing the Lodge's literature.

Associate Membership implies that, by means of that literature, those who avail themselves of it will sincerely and intimately associate themselves in thought and practice with the Lodge and its intentions.
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