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Bailey, Foster   The Spirit of Masonry (1957)
Davidson, D.   The Great Pyramid, its Divine Message (1925)
Goldsmith, Joel   The Infinite Way (1947)
    Practicing the Presence (1952)
    Leave your Nets (1953)
    Living the Infinite Way (1954)
    The Art of Meditation (1956)
    God, the Substance of All Form (1959)
    The Art of Spiritual Healing (1960)
    The Thunder of Silence (1961)
    Conscious Union with God (1962)
    The Master Speaks (1962)
    Our Spiritual Resources (1962)
    The World is New (1962)
    A Parenthesis in Eternity (1963)
    The Contemplative Life (1963)
    Man Was Not Born to Cry (1964)
    The Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture (1964)
    Living Now (1966)
    Realization of Oneness (1967)
    Beyond Words and Thoughts (1968)
    The Mystical "I" (1971)
    Living between Two Worlds (1974)
    Consciousness is What I Am (1976)
Lomas, Robert   Freemasonry and the Birth of Modern Science (2002)
    The Invisible College (2002)
    The Secret Science of Masonic Initiation (2008 - Paperback)
    The Secrets of Freemasonry (2006)
    Turning the Hiram Key (2005)
    Turning the Solomon Key (2006)
    Turning the Templar Key (2007)
    The Lost Key (2011)
    The Secret Power of Masonic Symbols (2011)
    A Miscellany of Masonic Essays (Paperback 2013)
    The Lewis Guide to Masonic Symbols (2013 - Paperback)
Lomas, Robert (with Christopher Knight)    
    The Holy Grail (1997) - in the 'Mysteries of the Ancient World' series
    The Hiram Key (1996)
    The Second Messiah (1997)
    Uriel's Machine (1999)
MacNulty, W. Kirk   The Way of the Craftsman (1988 - Paperback)
    Freemasonry: A Journey through Ritual and Symbol (1991 - Paperback)
    Freemasonry: Secrets, Symbols, Significance (2006)
    Masonry: Contemplations and Concepts (2017)
Mataraly, F.V.   The Masonic Way (1936)
Ralph, Arthur R.   The Messiah (1980)
Runton, P.T.   The Key of Masonic Initiation (1942)
Wilmshurst, W.L   Nature Poems (1903)
    Contemplations; Being Studies in Christian Mysticism (1914)
    Contemplations; Revised and Enlarged Edition (1928)
    The Meaning of Masonry (1922)
    The Masonic Initiation (1924)
    The Ceremony of Initiation - Analysis and Commentary (1932)
    The Ceremony of Passing (1932)
    The Way to the East (1934)
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